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First Aid: Bite

First Aid: Abscess

First Aid: Abscess/Rock

First Aid: Infection

First Aid: Rain Rot & Sweet Itch

Happy Ending & Follow-up

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During the early stages of receiving Joy she had a rain rot fungus all over her back. She was missing hair and her skin looked and felt rough and raw. She had a constant urge to itch her behind where the sweet itch was located. Her hair on her tail was all mangled up she had scabs and patches of missing skin on her behind.

Kristina wrapping Joy's legs.#1 We successfully gave the Homeopathic remedy: Thuja to help with the infection of the skin.


#2 We proceeded successfully with the Homeopathic remedy: Rhus T. to help with the itching and swelling.


#3 We followed up successfully with the Homeopathic remedy: Silicea to help support the new skin and hair growth and absorption of minerals.







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