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Did You Know?

A recent study shows that homeopathic treatment of acute respiratory and ear complaints is just as effective as conventional treatment, with less side effects and quicker response with homeopathy.

The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of homeopathy compared to conventional treatment in acute respiratory and ear complaints in a primary care setting. 1577 patients participated from 8 different countries and 57 different primary care practices.  

857 received homeopathic (H) and 720 conventional (C) treatment. The majority of patients in both groups reported their outcome after 14 days of treatment as complete recovery or major improvement.

The response rates after 7 and 28 days  showed no significant differences between both treatment groups. However, onset of improvement within the first 7 days after treatment was significantly faster upon homeopathic treatment both in children and adults. Adverse drug reactions occurred more frequently in adults of the conventional group than in the homeopathic group.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2007, 7:7

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