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Homeopathic Remedies

A homeopathic remedy is a highly diluted substance, prepared from one single animal, mineral, or plant source, as found in nature. For example, Apis mellifica is a highly diluted remedy prepared from the venom of a honey bee, commonly used to treat bee stings, certain types of sore throats, and many other conditions. The remedies are prepared in laboratories by homeopathic pharmacies under very strict regulatory guidelines.

In fact, the FDA has publicly stated: “Homeopathic medicines in high dilutions, taken under the supervision of trained professionals, are considered safe and unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions.” Because of the extremely high dilutions of the remedies, they are extremely safe and completely devoid of all chemical toxicity. Thus, unlike even many herbal preparations, they are extremely safe and effective to use even with pregnant women and infants.

Homeopathic remedies are first scientifically “proven” by testing small amounts of the natural substances on healthy individuals and meticulously recording all of the symptoms experienced by these individuals. After the symptoms from a “proving” disappear, the experiment continues, and the individuals receive yet another dose to confirm the original findings of the first proving. This is done several times and, in many cases, with many individuals to ensure consistent, accurate, and reliable information.

Next, this information is combined with information from clinical trials to confirm that the remedy does indeed cure individuals suffering from a pattern of symptoms similar to the pattern of symptoms of the remedy. Unlike drugs used in conventional medicine, which may only be tested for a few years and typically used without full knowledge of long-term side effects, the homeopathic remedies most commonly prescribed have been used safely and effectively for decades.

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The reason the remedies are so safe is the same reason that makes it so difficult for most people to comprehend how these remedies could possibly work - the remedies are so highly diluted that only a molecule or less of the original substance is chemically present in the remedy. Only a subtle essence, or a sub-molecular remnant, of the original substance remains. This fact has made it easy for skeptics to argue that homeopathy can’t possibly work because there can’t be any significant chemical effect of a remedy that may not even contain a single molecule of what it was originally prepared from. The funny thing is that these skeptics are correct.

As you may recall from the previous section, we already know that the action of the remedy is not a chemical one; it merely triggers a healing reaction of the vital force. One way of thinking about the remedy is that, instead of exerting a chemical influence on the body, it may actually work by communicating information to the body about the pattern of symptoms that the original undiluted substance causes. It is this information contained in the remedy, not the chemical composition of the remedy, that the vital force reacts to. Because this concept of a non-chemical healing reaction does not fit the conventional medical model, it is simply discarded by many. However, as we will see in the next section, modern scientific research has confirmed the safety and effectiveness of homeopathy again and again.

One final note on homeopathic remedies: they are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to other over-the-counter medication, prescription drugs, and even vitamin supplements and herbal preparations. A typical 1 to 2 month supply of one single remedy usually costs around $10 to $15. Since only one single remedy is prescribed at any one time, even for a multitude of symptoms, taking the remedy is very simple and inexpensive.

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